Painted Palace

by Barbara on April 27, 2012

I came across this picture on Facebook, thank you Heidi Von Weitzer-Schmith!  I am so glad we are FB Friends! .  It is a stunning mural found in the Schloss Schonbrunn  in Vienna, Austria.  When I researched this Palace I was overwhelmed at the beauty, art and craftsmanship found through out!  I am so inspired that I will be posting about this Palace over the next few weeks! Talking a little bit of its history and showing you the lovely details.

Then one day, one day soon, I will go there myself, in a ball gown and with a camera!

I wish people would paint their homes like this again.  Not just for selfish entrepreneurial reasons but because there is so much beauty to behold and fun to have!  To thrill the eyes and surprise the heart!  Well!  We don’t have enough of this positive spirit in in our lives!


Its A Feast for the EYES!  Enjoy!

A strange, exotic world awaits us in these rooms. Walls and ceiling are covered in landscape painting which conveys the illusion of a remote world alive with exotic birds and animals.

Today widely known as Bergl Rooms with its breathtaking mural paintings are one of the jewels of Schönbrunn Palace and has been open exclusively for groups!

Johann Wenzel Bergl´s rendering of the plants and fruits is based on studies of nature, which he could easily have made in the hothouses of the palace gardens. He could also have sought advice from the botanists belonging to the circle around Emperor Francis Stephen as he brought the world of the tropic into the chilly rooms of the ground floor. In her old age, Maria Theresa used these rooms as her “summer rooms” when it became too hot and oppressive in her apartments upstairs.

The following generation covered over the murals with grey canvas screens. It was not until 1891 that these were removed, and in 1965 restoration work was started on the murals and measures undertaken to eradicate the damp.

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What stunning rooms!  To be wrapped in art like this would be a delight!

Goëss Apartment

Goëss Apartment

Have a look at a few more beautiful pictures on Lynne Rutter | the Ornamentalist –  flicker site – she was lucky enough to go and experience these murals up close and personal!

So I had best start taking photography lessons and make an appointment to see the rooms (they are only one for special occasions and by  appointment)

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Love Barb

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