Changing yet staying the Same

by Barbara on August 1, 2013

I have made some changes in my career and I would love to share it with you!

While still LOVING art, colour, painting and murals. Nothing will change that any time soon.

I realized that I had no investments, I could never retire or sell my company and frankly I would be working forEVER.

I found this realization unappealing.

I needed to make a change – so I made a list of the perfect perimeters for this new venture, not knowing what is was going to be I thought I should define it so I would know it when I saw it:

1) work from home

2) no product to order, pack, store or ship

3) flexable hours as I still had a painting company to run and a family to take care of

4) something with a residual income  (I always felt I was looking for work with Paint A Lifestyle and I didn’t want another company where I had to do the same)

5) I did not want to exchange time for money

6) No employees or subcontractors

So that was my list.  It steared me every which way, it cost me when I went a stray and ignored the list, but in the end I stuck to my guns and found something that had a tick in each box.

Now I know your asking me: How do you add a new business to your life when you consider yourself to be a busy person?  While Paint A Lifestyle is an amazing business I have found that I took me away from my family, friends and consumed my time like a bear waking from hibernation.

When I had a great month with Paint A Lifestyle, my home life suffered.  As I contemplated shutting the business down completely I freaked out because what does a Decorative Artist do when she didn’t want to be a decorative artist any more???

I’d die behind a desk.

I am a lousy employee!

I wanted a home business but didn’t want to be packing product or be a glorified shipper?

I wanted something with a residual income…something I could still schedule around my family and business, something that challenged me but allowed a learning curve while I started to make money.  And I didn’t want to work alone any more.

Impossible…….I though so too.

But it wasn’t, and its not, and I am glad I didn’t listen to those naysayers that told me to stay doing what I was doing, (after all those were their words of fear), that times were tough and I should start another business or that my place was at home (good one…..bahahahahahahahaha)

I wandered onto a new and exciting path..quite unexpectedly…….I am an Accidental Network Marketer!

Stay tuned, come for a laugh, a cry and growing pains while I explore this new Career while balancing Paint A Lifestyle, Mother Hood, Life and Networking.

Lets see how great this adventure is going to be….

Love Me.


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