Unnecessary and Unproductive Guilt

by Barbara on August 8, 2013

As I write this I am at my cottage.  Come and join me here while I write.  Pull up a chair and lets chat.

Human being to Human being.

I am on vacation for two weeks.  Its beautiful here with the lovely warm Georgian Bay water and the beautiful sunset that will start in about 23 minutes.  I should be relaxed after my lovely steak dinner and ice cream sandwich dessert (ok – 2 ice cream sandwiches…not home made after all this is not foodie blog) but I am feeling pretty guilty.

Guilty damit!

Not about my painting business.  After all – I have meetings with clients when I get back and I arranged to have this time off.

This guilt is the guilt of inactivity, a.k.a not “working” my Networking Business.  There I said it.  I am not talking to a soul about my MLM.   I am reading on Facebook about how the leaders in my company are flying all over the world introducing our services and business to people (one woman is 9 month preggers and is a force to be reckoned with) and they are jumping on board and well…its pissing me off!

To be clear – I am pissed at myself…I thought I was pissed at them…but no…upon reflection I’m angry with my inaction.

I am just being truthful now and perhaps this may not make it to my blog, but we are friends right…so here’s the deal.

I only feel good about my business when I am doing my business. I set a goal to reach a promotion by my birthday (August 13th)  and I am not going to make it.  Its painfully clear unless I actually work my business, regularly and with passion I will not be successful.  I know this mentally, so why am I not doing anything about it but feeling guilty.  Habit I guess…a very BAD Habit!

So, my challenge is active consistency.

That and eating properly but thats for another blog.

Oh yes and focus.  Focus is key too!

So I am asking you all to be my mentors!  Too keep me on track and give me heck if I slack off!  I do love my Network Marketing company and I know how much we can improve peoples lives!


This blog is part of the transition from being a wannbe “force to be reconed with” and the real deal.


Ok –  the mosquitoes are coming in full force so the sun must be setting.  I’ll chat with you later and let you know my plan for changing my guilt into success.


My inaction shall we call it, into action!


Love Barb





P.S.  Filing and Pintrest don’t count as action….



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