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Decorative Painting - Mural Painting, School & Library Murals, York Region, Ontario

We love to share.  At Paint A Lifestyle we feel that by sharing information, teaching individuals through hands on experiences in our School Paint Projects or offering our Seminar Series to Design Professionals we improve the world around us.

We’ve found that the more we share our expertise, the more we grow and learn right along side of the very people we are teaching – we all become more than the sum of our parts, you see!!!!  We all benefit – happier clients, Skilled Designers, Inspired Students and Beautiful Environments = BETTER WORLD!

Our Seminar Series

Offers seminars to local colleges and private design institutions on how paint finishes, murals, wallpaper all combine  to add drama and personality to their design.

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Our School Paint Projects

Paint A Lifestyle works hands on with students within the school environment.  We improve the atmosphere of the school by having the students participate in the improvements.  In our case – the artistic murals the students and teachers have chosen.  All the while complimenting the schools curriculum and behavioral mandates.

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School Painting Programs - Mural Painting, School & Library Murals, York Region, Ontario


Please stay tuned and cross your fingers as we apply for grants to further share our passion for paint and beauty to those who truly need it the most but can’t afford it!

We are working towards helping local Abused Womens’ Shelters create a safe, beautiful and uplifting environment for those who need it the most.

Paint A Lifestyle is an experienced Decorative painting company based in Ontario, Canada. Paint A Lifestyle services are available in the following Ontario and Greater Toronto Area (GTA):  Toronto, Thornhill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Aurora, New market, Markham, Stouffville , Unionville,  North York, East York, Oakville and Mississauga.

School Paint Projects | Mural Painting, School & Library Murals, York Region, Ontario

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